In the name of a No Kill Nation

The advocacy of saving each and every animal that man has irresponsibly placed on this Earth is a sensitive subject for most. I’ve always done my best to advocate for educational conversation on the realities of this myth, what a label of ‘no-kill’ actually means, instead of what most lemmings think it means, and the reminder that there are many necessary steps that a community (not the shelter mind you, but the community it serves) needs to take before euthanasia numbers can go down. More often than not once people are informed about the realities of overpopulation, dangerous animals, and irresponsible pet owners, they open their minds towards being a part of the solution.

And sometimes not so much.

As was stated in one of their responses on their Facebook page, “controversy sells” and they promptly bragged about how in less than an hour they gained 15 clients. Zealots feast on drama and controversy, because usually the aftermath will benefit them in multiple ways. Makes one contemplate what their motivation really is. This type of brazen hatred has become quite typical of an organization that plays, in the grand scheme of things, a very miniscule part in the realities of Animal Welfare. Yet many times this is the monster that people choose to feed.

A quick scroll through their history on social media speaks volumes to the character of those in charge. Any organization that claims to be run by professionals, but at the same time encourages violence and illegal activity towards those they don’t fully understand or agree with is a danger to society. I don’t care how good you are at what you do.

I do not work for the facility they despise so much, nor do I know what goes on there. Perhaps there are changes that need to be made, incidents that need to be explained, decisions that need to be justified. There is ALWAYS room for growth and improvement. But as an officer, I am all too familiar with this type of outrage, this breed of hatred, this color of ignorance. And based on my experience and research, it is very rarely justified. And never constructive.

True change and genuine, long-lasting progress cannot be forced violently on to any entity. Successful transitions occur only through calm and open communication, positive guidance and appropriately timed reinforcement, while building a relationship of trust and teamwork. This is basic knowledge amongst anyone associated with behavior modification, but this doesn’t seem to be something that this organization grasps. I’m surprised their clients don’t find that disturbing.

Or perhaps many of them do, which is why they removed the part on their page that allows others to rate the business. And I can’t seem to find their website either.

But what do I know, I’m just a dog catcher.

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