“Are you absolutely, positively, really really sure you don’t want it?”

It was 2am before I even contemplated going to bed last night. Or this morning I guess. After over a week of bronchitis I finally put adult clothes on and attempted to re-insert myself into society yesterday and despite being active all day I found myself immersed in late night television, unfatigued and randomly searching […]

In the name of a No Kill Nation

The advocacy of saving each and every animal that man has irresponsibly placed on this Earth is a sensitive subject for most. I’ve always done my best to advocate for educational conversation on the realities of this myth, what a label of ‘no-kill’ actually means, instead of what most lemmings think it means, and the […]

Whats a Vacation?

Last few months have been chaos to say the least. After transitioning successfully to a new position with a very large and challenging municipality, coming to terms with my financial realities, discovering that 2 of my current fosters are going to be long term challenges, being infiltrated with a systemic poison ivy, and preparing for […]

Why I support #Pitbulldropoff

I remember the first time I heard the Plastic Bag theory. It spread like wildfire, this idea that people who were fighting dogs would spend their time driving or walking through nice neighborhoods peering into backyards, searching for animals that were left unattended during the day, hoping to find that perfect specimen. When they found […]

say… anything

In memory of all those who suffer from the chosen silence of others. May we always grow towards the light in respectful remembrance of those who die due to darkness.   Where to begin where to begin.  A timeline perhaps.  But backwards.  Sometimes tracing steps and events in reverse is more productive when it comes […]

Alone again…naturally

We hear on a regular basis the lengths animal lovers will go to in order to keep their animals. When they overhear a conversation at the surrender counter or read a plea for rehoming assistance on social media, many are quick to judge and exclaim how they themselves would never place anything else in life […]

It came out of nowhere

A rescue in Virginia that specializes in rehabilitating questionable dogs, many being pits with behavior or bite histories, is currently being sued for an enormous amount of money by someone who adopted one of their dogs.  Upon the adoption, the dog came with his very own shock collar, which reportedly was used to train the […]

What are you so afraid of….

The bat rehabilitation season is entering full swing now, with babies coming in regularly.  Some are still attached to exhausted mothers, grounded by lack of strength or predators, and some are on their own, accidentally dropped or left behind in a mad scramble to escape a blue jay or even a storm.  I’ve got some […]

How to Save a Life

I haven’t written in a long while.  Things have been busy to say the least.  At the forefront of my activities has been finally purchasing a home.  What an ordeal.  Struggling to get to showings before the offers pour in, competing with investors, giving up on the must haves, even giving up on the would […]