That’s a win in my book…

In any career field, there are different definitions of success. A good day. Scoring one for the home team. Cause for celebration. A job well done. Most define that as closing a big deal, winning a big case, hell even getting through the day without being arrested is a win for some people. Good for […]

“Tagged for rescue”

The timing on the release of this article is exceptional. If I hadn’t been blocked by Second Chance Rescue NYC for attempting to educate their followers on how municipal facilities operate, it would have been an excellent piece to share. Even though I know they most probably would have deleted it within minutes, I still […]

“an eye for an eye…”

The foundation of the “no-kill” movement is that no creature ever deserves to die. Regardless of past transgressions, errors in judgement, loose screws, or instincts acted upon inappropriately, no creature shall be purposefully put to the grave before nature has intended. A noble idea, and wishful thinking for sure, but still a very popular notion […]

“I know you’re angry…”

Someone wrote that to me today. It’s amazing how easy it is assumed that because you express a different opinion than someone else’s, you are immediately categorized as angry. Everyone gets angry at some things I guess, but in this particular conversation, I wasn’t angry. I trudged seemingly alone up a steep hill, a mountain […]

Interfering with Mother Nature On a regualr basis, humans are overwhelmed by the need to interfere with mother nature. They come across a situation that, for whatever reason, doesn’t sit well with them, and regardless of applicable knowledge, appropriate experience, or a developed plan, they spring into blind action.   As Animal Control Officers, we are regularly inundated with […]