The warrior

I participated in my first offsite adoption event today.  We load up adoptable animals into a state of the art trailer, equipped with moving kennels, plexiglass windows, air conditioned surgery area, grooming equipment, the works.  We spread the joy of pet ownership to local festivals, family fun days, charity events and the like, offering registration, […]

Burning a book for its cover

On Tuesday the 27th of September, the City of Montreal in Quebec, Canada grabbed their floatie, jumped into the tumultuous pool of desperation and decided to ban specific breeds of dogs.  Only a few were named specifically in the legislation, and not surprisingly, they were the American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, The American Pit […]

To feed or not to feed…

The silhouettes slink and scatter as soon as I get out of the truck. I approach the residence, one of more than a few I’ll have to visit on this dead end street not far from the center of town, and the familiar odor of marking urine gets stronger and stronger as I walk up […]

The content of my character

When the sniper started shooting in Dallas, I, along with thousands of other citizens, sat speechless staring at the television.  Realizing what was happening, not wanting to jump to conclusions, but feeling a combination of devastation and rage because I knew the conclusions I was instinctively jumping to were right, and I was so sick […]

Due to space…

All over social media the memes are already circulating. Dogs and fireworks.  4th of July.  What seems to be common sense among a small majority of pet owners still comes as a surprise to thousands of animal owners every year. Dogs don’t like fireworks. The nest 48 hours on the calendar are the busiest two […]

The busy season

Spring and early summer are the when the floodgates open for animals.  Kitten season is in full swing; well in actuality most of the year is kitten season at this point, seeing as they can have 2-3 litters a year when left to their own devices.  Pregnant mothers and newborns are being surrendered to open […]

They’re not my cats…

A woman asked me at work the other day, “how many of these animals here actually had owners at some point?”  My reply, “pretty much all of them”, was met with a puzzled look.  I explained to her how owner surrender works, how stray dogs are brought in with collars and microchips and no one […]

“Tagged for rescue”

The timing on the release of this article is exceptional. If I hadn’t been blocked by Second Chance Rescue NYC for attempting to educate their followers on how municipal facilities operate, it would have been an excellent piece to share. Even though I know they most probably would have deleted it within minutes, I still […]